My Excuse: US and Canada Spring Tour completed
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My Excuse's participation in the Canadian Music Week was the ideal way to end the tour.





With two live appearances at “The Hideout” and “The Sister” My Excuse proved that there is good reason for being on a CMW stage, they deserve it.

At "The Hideout"


After a successful Kickstarter project, 23 concerts and three festivals, My Excuse returns to Greece having won the biggest challenge of their career so far. My Excuse is the only group that has managed to accomplish one tour of this magnitude.


It was a tour with several unexpected and difficult but epic moments.  Venues without adequate sound support, harsh weather conditions, never ending highways... but at the end there has always been the warm welcome and applause of their new fans which gave the band the courage to move on to their next destination!


One of the most remarkable moments in this tour has been My Excuse's participation as speakers at the Millennium Music Conference where the band gave a speech on how to plan a successful Kickstarter project.

mmc.JPG mmc live 1.JPG

Their live performance at The Visulite Theatre in Charlotte was a big surprise for the band. At the end of their show the crowd demanded an encore, they told them that the band doesn’t have any more songs, and so they made them play their whole set all over again.

visulite.JPG visulite 2.JPG

In every live show My Excuse made new friends and fans, many of whom already knew their songs. Distinguished professionals of the global music industry, celebrities and musicians have met the band and stood among the audience during their live shows.  Among them, Tony Bonjiovi and Janol Mecca Holmes.

With Tony Bonjiovi ..............................................................................With Janol Mecca Holmes

jiovi.JPG janol.JPG

“Μy Εxcuse Τour” has been welcomed by the press via several articles:

“Several said they had not seen a band at Millennium do such a great performance since Halestorm - a band which just won a Grammy award. ” - Julia Hatmaker from (

With Julia Hatmaker


The Pappas Post” has followed My Excuse's Tour presenting several articles and an exclusive interview when the band returned to NYC: “My Excuse near end of U.S. Tour” (

Canadian music portal presented My Excuse to the Canadian Audience with a detailed article and an exclusive interview:

“My Excuse - Emerging Artist Spotlight CMW 2013 Edition” (

After My Excuse's live show at The Hideout wrote: "Their smooth set showed the highest level of professionalism we have seen at CMW up to this point. An excellent sound their songs belong on the radio and if they set their focus on North America they will surely be heard on that medium." (

the sister.JPG

The band will now return to Greece and continue their shows there. They will continue writing songs for their new album, plan their next tour and their international album release.

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